Locking Gas Cap

In recent months gas prices have severely increased . In response to this the lower forms of life have decided that it is ok to steal gas. Well I for one say no more. I have virtually stopped people from stealing my gas by installing a locking gas cap. You to for th sake of your sanity need o buy a locking gas cap. Think about it is someone stealing your gas right now. What about now. You don't know do you, But if you had a locking gas cap on your vehicle you would know whether or not they are stealing your gas.

Just ro reference we have posted around the site news stories an videos of people stealing gas. Which I am sure more to come in the future with the price of fuel rising with no end in site. So ask your self this question is it worth the few dollars that a locking gas cap will cost. to know that you wife and children are not stranded on the side of th road somewhere or that when you getup to go to work in the morning that your fuel will still be in your tank.

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